Customize your Text to Give / Online Donation Page

Go to your Donations/Text-to-Give tab > Settings. Some settings you can change:

  • Add a Donation Goal that will show a progress bar
  • Add an amount in Donation Buffer with donations you have received outside of Text-to-Give
  • Use the Suggested amounts section to add amounts separated by a comma that will show up as buttons on the donation page
  • The Donation Title shows at the top of the page
  • Choose to show or hide Social Media buttons
  • The Donation Description section shows underneath the text in the Donation Title
  • Choose a background image 

Donation Settings

You can make several adjustments to the message that goes out to your bidders when they text your keyword to 56651. The language itself is not customizable but you can allow guests to register to bid, donate, or both.

  • If you want your guests to be able to register to bid with the text to give you will want to make sure under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register area that your "Enable Text to Register" is set to Yes.
  • The register option on the text to give will automatically be turned off after your event close date.
  • If you only want your guests to be able to donate and not register then make sure the "Enable Text to Register" setting is set to No.
  • To allow your guests to donate make sure under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings that your "Show Donate" button is turned on.

Text to Give Confirmation Receipt: The 1st email listed under Contact Information (Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information) will receive a confirmation receipt of any completed text to give donations submitted.