Steps to process a Refund:

Go to Event Central > Event Payments 

Click on Paid Checkouts 

Click the Undo button to the right of the Name you are refunding (This will bring you to a new page so you can manage the refund)

Select the correct amount to refund or hit the "Void this Line" and it will void the whole amount. Then hit the submit button. The refund will process.

*The software will not automatically send out any refund receipts. If you would like to send an updated statement to your bidder go to Event Central > Event Payments > Paid Checkouts. To the far right is a button to resend the email.

Removing the bids

**If you are refunding the whole amount you will see that it is now showing in the “Unpaid Checkouts” on top of the page.  You will have to go to Bidders > Manage Bidders, find the column labeled "Tags" click the Has Bids tag, and delete the bid.

**If you are removing only a portion of the payment you will not have to do anything further as it will automatically appear on the receipt as a negative.  You can view the receipt under Event Central > Event Payments > Paid Checkouts > Click the paper icon on the far right.

If a refund is needed on a debit card account, it may take 24-48 hours for the funds to be returned to the account after the transaction has been submitted. We have no control over the amount of time it takes a guest’s bank to make these funds available again.

Can not process a refund?

1. If you try to process a refund and see this message:

"It is too soon to attempt a refund" 

Verify the status on the merchant page. If the status is in "SUBMITTED FOR SETTLEMENT" status then you can not process a refund yet. The transaction needs to be settled first. The settled process should take less than 1 day.  Once the status is settled, process the refund. 

2. If your account has been paid out already, you will not be able to process a refund.  Please contact the accounting department.