Text messages below are text messages that come with the basic software package.

Outbid Text - messages will be sent out automatically from the system as soon as a bidder is outbid. (These links will expire within 30 days after they are received) 

Welcome Text can be sent out using the butler and will automatically be sent when someone registers to bid. This text can be customized by going to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Butler Settings - Custom Welcome Text. Be sure to include our shortcodes in your text message!

NOTE: Winning bidders do not receive notification via text or email after the event closes. 

Check out from a phone option* 

* This is not a text, but an alert on the top of the bid app. Check out from a phone is not sent in a text message, but is an alert that will show at the top of the bidding site when a winning bidder has a check out available. There is no automated text that goes out to winning bidders.