Do you have pre-printed programs with bidder numbers and names already printed? Or, do you have stickers that you plan to slap on a program? In either case, you have to spend some extra time getting guests the right programs. 

Let's set the stage on how to do that.

Our best practice:

You have 4-5 volunteers armed with iPads logged into the Butler standing in the check-in area. Behind the check-in volunteers are the pre-printed programs with paddles in sequential order. They can be fanned out or in boxes. Stickers can also be set out in order for easy lookup.

Next, for each Butler volunteer, you have a "program hand-out" volunteer (buddy system). The Butler volunteer looks up the guest or creates them and sends the welcome text (note, the text includes table number if available). Then, the volunteer turns around, asks for the program number, and hands it to the guest.

On a side-note: If the programs are not being used for the silent auction, they could be placed on the dining table (assuming you have bidder/table reference available). That would reduce the tasks at check-in making it a bit faster.

I have included a badly drawn example of a layout we used for a recent event. Yes, it looks like a 4-year-old drew it.