You Have Options!

We have two different ways to use and display our Appeal screen. Make sure you have a conversation with the Emcee or Auctioneer before your auction about the donation increments and how fast he talks. If he goes through the Fund a Need quickly, we recommend using the Rapid Fire option for the Appeal. If he talks slower you can use the Donation item option for the Appeal. 

Donation Item

- Under Items > Manage Items, create your Donation item by clicking the 'Add Item' button at the top of the page. Make sure your item type is Donation. You can add denominations to this item that show up as suggested giving amounts when your bidders click the green donate button. These denominations also show up as increments when you start your Appeal. Click Projected display settings. If you plan to use the "Add donations for bidders" option under the butler this is where you can choose your settings

Add Donations for Bidders

-  The first option is to choose the "Your Donation Items" selection under Event Central > Appeal Display, (Make sure you have a donation item set up under Items > Manage Items) with the denominations the auctioneer will be calling out. Follow steps 1-3 on the Appeal Display page to make your settings for the appeal, then hit Launch Appeal. Now go to the Butler and hit "Add Donations for Bidders" this brings you to a screen that allows you to enter in the bidder numbers for each denomination as they are being called and displays them on the Appeal screen. If you have your "Allow guests to check out from phone" option on under Software Settings > Landing page Content your guests can process payment for their donation at any time. This option is better if your Emcee or Auctioneer is slower and you can keep up with the bidder numbers as they are being called out during the Fund a Need.

-  You can also allow your guests to donate from your bidding site and still have the total go up on the Appeal screen. First, make sure your Donation item is set to active, this way it shows up on your bidding site as a green "Donate" button. Then go into the item itself and set the "Projected Display Settings" this will save the settings for you for when you go to the Appeal display tab. When you go to Event Central > Appeal Display make sure you select "Your Donation Item" in the dropdown. Follow steps 1-3 then simply hit launch Appeal and as your bidders click to donate on their phones the donation amount goes up and up!

* * * Keep in mind by showing your Text to Give donations it will also display any incomplete donations, meaning a guest went to donate and changed their mind, the system saves the info but is considered incomplete. If you have Text to Give donations from a previous event and you do not want them to show, put a date in the "Select the beginning date for text to give donations".  

Rapid Fire

-  The second option is to choose the "Rapid Fire Keypad" selection under the Event Central Appeal Settings, this is great if you do not wish to use mobile devices for your Fund a need or Raise the Paddle events but still wish to have a dynamic total displayed on a projector or A/V system. For many charities who are just starting out with mobile bidding, you may choose to keep things traditional during the paddle raise. Go to Event Central > Appeal Display and follow steps 1-3 to make your settings for the appeal, then hit Launch Appeal. Now go to the Butler and hit "Rapid Fire Keypad" this brings you to a screen that allows you to click on the denomination being called out and will display on the Appeal screen, hit the reset button to ensure the screen is set to start at $0. This is for visual purposes only and does not put any amount into your bidder's accounts.

-  We recommend at least 4 volunteers for an event with less than 600 bidders to record bidder numbers. Your volunteers will take a sheet of paper on a clipboard and put bidder numbers in groups of dollar amounts as the emcee/auctioneer works through the appeal. That way, all four volunteers collect donations in groups of amount ($1000, $500, $250, etc). These can be cross-referenced to get the most accurate data. A master list is then presented to a designated volunteer to enter the data into the software. To do this go to the Butler, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the "Add donations for Bidders" and enter them into your bidder's accounts.

With these two options, you will be able to display the total amount raised with accuracy as quickly as possible during the Appeal.

Appeal Display Example: Play with the settings and make it your own!