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Adding Raise the Paddle Donations

Appeal Background Animations

Embedding your Appeal Display on your Landing Page

Navigate to: Items > Manage Items

  • Create a Donation item by clicking Add Item. Update the Item Type to Donation.

  • Click on Projected Display Settings

  • Here you can choose the settings to display when running your paddle raise and showing the Appeal Display. 

  • Choose if you want to show your Donation Goal, Donor Names, Sponsor Logos, add a Buffer for outside donations, or an Animation Theme

  • When submitting donations for bidders, the Appeal Display will add the donation amount to the total raised. The appeal display updates in real-time, so you will not need to refresh your screen or link to show the incoming donations. 


The moment you add the bidder number through the butler, the appeal display will show the bidder first and last name (if selected to show) and the amount will be added. 


To access/share the Appeal Display, click the Appeal Display Share Link under Projected Display Settings.


Would you like to show your total donations on your donation item in the bidding site? 

Navigate to Items > Manage Items > Your created Donation Item

  • Update the Projected Display Settings to “Show your Donation Goal” and add a goal.

  • Turn on “Show Totals on Bid Site”

  • Make sure the Thermometer Animation Theme set up.

  • Decide if you want to include Text to Give Donations

What Showing Your Donations on the Bid Site Looks Like: