Are you a bit short on staff and/or volunteers? 

The software has been built to run completely without the need to staff check-in and check-out. Truthfully, we'll recommend a few volunteers to assist and answer some basic questions at check-in and during the event and at check-out we suggest some volunteers to verify payment and item pickup. Beyond that, you can run your entire event without long lines and with minimal impact on your team. Pair this with our dedicated customer advisor and our technical on-call IT expert support and you're as safe and secure as possible without the costs associated with on-site support. Here's how it works.

  1. Get your auction items ready the week before the auction. If you can only get 80-90% of your items ready that's ok. You can add them later. You essentially want to open the auction early, let guests pre-register, get familiar with your event and start bidding.

  2. Get your auction in front of your attendees early and often. Send your web address ( to your guests using your normal mass emailing tool (Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, etc). Allow bidding before your event so guests can signup and get bidding. This dramatically reduces questions at your event because guests are already signed up and bidding before getting there.

  3. Remind your guests to sign up and even indicate that it will allow them to save time at check-in.

  4. On the day of the event, print out your event's QR code (Found under Software Settings > Account Settings > Basic Account Info) and place it around the silent auction tables with instructions to scan it and sign up. Put signs up at coat check, registration, etc. to get your attendees registered.

  5. You can also place 2 or maybe three volunteers at registration to help guests if they need assistance. These volunteers would help guests open their web browser and go to or to scan the code.

  6. During the auction, once attendees have mostly arrived, your 2-3 volunteers can roam the auction tables helping guests register and bid.

  7. Once the auction is complete, guests can check-out from their phones (This option can be toggled on under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area). If you require credit cards when signing up it's super quick and easy. If not, it's still super quick and easy. Your volunteers who get items for guests only need to ask the guest for their receipt (which is emailed and on their phone) so they can confirm payment and pick up items. They can also look up bidders on the butler, they will see a "paid items" button, if they click on it they will be able to see what item they purchased and that item number. You can also have an iPad with the Butler running which can also easily lookup and verify payment (and check-out too).

  8. After the auction, you can batch process anyone who hasn't paid (if credit card was required at sign up).