How to Upload Sponsor Logos

  • Navigate to Software Settings > Sponsor Logos, add all of your logos here. These images will rotate every 15 seconds on the top right corner of the Bidding Site. 
  • You can click and drag them in the order you want them to show. If you want to display one sponsor more than others just enter it multiple times spaced out between the other sponsors.
  • You can display logos on the leaderboard, appeal display, and countdown clock if you decide to use these features.

Adding Sponsor Logos to the Landing Page

  • Navigate to Software Settings > Landing Page Content. Find our "Landing Page Shortcode" icon, click "Show Sponsor Images". This will create a shortcode in this section that pulls in all of your loaded sponsor logos.
  • If you want to show certain sponsor logos without showing all of them, go to the section in your landing page you want to add them, instead of clicking the shortcode icon, add this shortcode with the numbers shown below your images, for example: [sponsors ids=771915,551074] This will only show the first and second image shown below.

Sponsor Logos Page:

Landing Page Sponosr Logos:

Bidding Site Sponsor Logos

iPhone Screenshot of Mobile Bidding Site Sponsor Logos: 

Another way to add sponsor images to your Landing Page

  • If you don't want to load your images under the Sponsor Logos section in the admin, you can add them individually to your landing page. 
  • Navigate to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > any of your sections, scroll down to the content area for that section
  • Click the image icon in your toolbar, click and drag an image here or click in the grey area to upload an image.

  • Adding logos this way gives you the ability to make your images larger and separate them based on sponsor levels.