Full-Screen Helpful Tips

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand about your landing page is that people will view it with many different devices. From iPhones to laptops, each device renders the page a little bit differently. You must then make sure your background images are not required to be viewed fully. A background image is meant to be a backdrop that your content sits on.

Think of a background image like wallpaper on a wall. It's a repeatable pattern that works on any size wall. You aren't required to have a twenty-foot by ten-foot wall in order for the wallpaper to make your room look good. It's the same principle with your background images. Here are some dos and don'ts.

**The recommended image size for a Banner Background Image is 1920 x 1080

**The recommended image size for a Floating Logo Image is 250 x 250

Uploading a Background

Under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings > Main Banner Area

1) Upload a Banner Background 

2) Upload a Logo. (The logo will float over the banner background)

3) Under Banner Area Colors/Title/Subtitle, add a Large Title and Subheader. The title and subtitle will appear above the logo on the landing page. 

Full-Sized Banner Image 

If the sizing of your image is a little weird or getting cut off somehow while uploaded as a Bannder Background Image, try this: 

1) Upload your image in the Logo area. Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings > Main Banner Area > Logo. 

2) Then, under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings > Main Banner Area > Logo Placement Style, choose 'Use my Logo as a Full-Sized Banner Image'. 

This setting will use the logo as a full-sized banner image and take the shape of your image. 

Note: The Title and Subtitle and Details button will disappear when you choose this option.

Do's for good background images:

  • Action shots of your charity at work.
  • A photo from last year's event.
  • A pattern on a solid color.

Don'ts for background images:

  • A copy of your invite.
  • Your logo.
  • A logo of any kind.
  • A busy image that you can't read text on.

If you can't see your images or they are just showing as a thumbnail first thing you need to do is look on your cell phone. Use your cell carrier's data and not wifi.