Welcome Text:

If you are having a check-in table at your event, have volunteers with the Butler up on devices ready to look up guests as they come through the door. As you check them in, you can send them the Welcome Text by clicking on their name after looking them up under Bidder Lookup. Verify their information, click the Complete button to send them a welcome text. You can edit this text by going to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Butler Settings. Make sure to include the shortcode [u] to send guests to their bidding site.

Mass Messaging:

If you have mass messaging, send notifications out to guests before, during, and after your event. You can also specify who will receive certain messages. 

  • You can pre-compose messages under Bidders >Text Bidders > Compose a text. Anything put in here can be saved to Pre-Composed texts. It will ask you for a desired send time, the system will *not* send it out automatically. From pre-composed texts, you can simply click send when you are ready to send out your message.

Appeal Display:

If you are having a Raise the Paddle/Fund a Need, whetherwith paddles or directing guests to their phones to make the donation, you can display funds raised in real-time using the Appeal Display. To set this up with the denominations you would like to suggest in the item, as well as put in a goal amount. Do this under Items > Manage Items, click your Donation item, scroll down to Projected Display Settings. Then go to Event Central > Appeal Display, follow steps 1-3. Launch the Display from here by hitting "Launch Appeal". 

If you are doing a raise the paddle/fund a need with a physical paddle you will want to have volunteers around the room writing down bidder # and dollar amounts to confirm and enter into the butler. There is a Best Practice under Training/Support > Best Practices/Tutorials > Items > Non-Electronic Appeal/Fund-a-Need that goes into a little more detail. 

**  If you are doing a live auction, you can enter the winning bid to that bidder's account using the Butler under Add a Live Bid/Multi-Sale/Silent Bid.


After your auction is over, you have a few options for checking guests out.  

  • You can have your guests checkout from their phones. They will have a red PAY button on the bidding site that brings them to checkout. Toggle this feature ON under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment > "Guests can checkout from phone?" > Yes. 

Below is a screenshot of what the checkout feature looks like from a mobile phone after clicking the PAY button. 

  • You can also check them out yourself through the Butler by looking them up, click on their name and click the red Checkout button. Confirm they have paid for their items as well as look at what items they have purchased by clicking the Paid Items button or History if they have either of these available.
  • You can do a "Batch Process" under Event Central > Event Payments. 

    As long as your guests have a credit card on file you can toggle all the guests that you want to process payments for, click "Batch Process" in the top right corner of the page. This may take up to 15 minutes to complete. 

    ** Under Event Central > Event Payments you will also be able to see "Unpaid Checkouts" on the top of the page. This will show you everyone who has not paid yet and "Paid Checkouts" at the bottom of the page will show everyone that has already processed payment.