Butler Login Credentials:

  • Below are the login credentials for the butler. These can be found within your admin under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Butler Settings. 
  • There can be multiple users in the Butler at one time.

Organization Sign In: 

Keyword: Your Keyword for your Event 

Username or Email: Type your keyword in again

Password: Admin Password 

User Sign In:

Keyword: The Keyword of the Event you are trying to log in as 

Username or Email: The Username you created as a user or email associated with your user account

Password: Password associated with your user account


  • Write down the Butler URL and login credentials on a few sheets of paper or sticky notes and hand them out to your volunteers so they can easily get logged back in if they log out.
  • The separate URL is designed to give your volunteers access to only the Butler, they cannot access the admin from the Butler.
  • Email the training documents, located at the bottom of this article, to your volunteers prior to your event.
  • Perform an overview of check-in and check out with your volunteers one hour prior to your event.

NOTE: When logged in directly though the above link, the timeout will be 4 hours if left inactive. 

Downloadable Training Sheets: