Mass Import Bidders

Important! If you are allowing guests to register on their own we do not recommend also mass importing your bidders, this could potentially create duplicate bidders.

Bidders > Manage Bidders > Scroll down to "Mass Import Bidders" > Download. 

This software only reads this specific excel spreadsheet. 

  • The only required columns are First and Last name.
  • If you are unsure of a first or last name add "Guest of" in those fields.
  • We suggest adding phone and email if you have them
  • Columns can be filled out but you cannot delete, hide or add to the spreadsheet. 
  • Save in CSV UTF-8 file before importing.
  • If you leave the bidder number column blank the software will add bidder numbers starting with 100 
  • You can always make edits after the upload

Adding bidders who are sharing a bidding number

If you plan on preparing the spreadsheet this way they will need to be on the same line. You can add two separate phone numbers and email address in the appropriate column separated by a comma. That way both phones will receive out bid notices.  


  • First Name: Joe & Jane or Joe and Jane
  • Last Name: Smith

or if the spouses have different last names

  • First name  Jane Jones and Joe
  • Last Name: Smith
  • Phone: 1234567890,0987654321 (Separate phone numbers by a comma)
  • Email:, (Separate emails by a comma)

Once completed, drag and drop the spreadsheet under Bidders>Manage Bidders "Drop Files to upload"

*You can do more than one import, just start a new spreadsheet.