To add credit card fees to a bidder's checkout, simply go to Software Settings > Auction Settings and then open the Payment section.

Important! When choosing a percentage to charge, keep in mind that you need to account for the higher value being sent to the processor. If you charge 3.5% then you are submitting an additional $3.50 per $100 (or $103.50) to the processor. When the processor takes 3.5% of $103.50, it will be more than $3.50 and you will have a small loss. 


We recommend charging 3.63% to cover all processing fees. 

Our best practice when charging credit card fees is to charge 3.63% (If you are a Canadian event charge 3.724%) this way you capture the full amount of the 3.5% processing that ClickBid charges as well as the sale price of the item purchased.

You can add a percentage amount to charge back to the bidder and a box to customize the line item. NOTE: If you would like to recover 3.5% from your bidders, be sure to use 3.63 as the value entered into Capture CC Fees box. Here are some suggested CC Fees Description values:

Convenience Fee
Credit Card Recovery
Processing Fee


The option for winning bidders to opt out of paying the processing fee's can be done in the butler or by the bidder when paying from the bidding site.  When processing through the Butler, Click on the Checkout button > Click Credit Card for payment processing > Untoggle the Credit Card fee's > Process Payment.

Checkout page from the butler