No. Although the “outbid texts” are automatically sent, all other texts and emails have to be sent manually. Also, the welcome text, welcome email, and the bidder receipt are automatically sent.

NOTE: Winning bidders do not receive notification via text or email after the event closes. 

If you are using Mass messaging

Go to Bidders > Text/Email Bidders, the Desired send time (highlighted below) acts as a reminder for when you want to send text messages or emails out, this does not send a reminder nor does it send automatically.


Don't forget to utilize your shortcodes also located on this page. Shortcodes are great for personalization and using the [u] shortcode will take your bidders directly to the bidding site!


Make sure to use the section called "Send a Single Text" to send yourself the message first to make sure it looks exactly how you want it.

The welcome text

Sent at check in when you look up a guest under Bidder Lookup and hit complete, this is also sent when a guest registers to bid. The welcome text can be edited under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Butler Settings.