We do not send an "auto-text" to winning bidders. 

Primarily, we feel that you should always be in control when a large volume of messages are sent to your donors. Confusion and frustration can result when a message is sent improperly. Below are a few suggestions on how to use your admin to help guests know they won an item(s). 

  • Use mass messaging if this feature is purchased (filter message by Bidders Not Checked Out)
  • Without the mass messaging feature, utilize the Emcee or Auctioneer who can make an announcement.
  • Use the checkout from phone option. Most guests will be watching to see if they win.
  • Use the menu on the bid app to view all winning bids.

It's important to note that most bidders who are in the running for a winning bid(s) will be watching their bids in the last moments. We find that bidders are typically aware of what they won without a text message. However, with mass messaging, you can remind your guests to pay from their phones and save time at checkout.