Bidders do not receive an automatic winning text message after the auction closes. Here are 3 ways your bidders can find out if they won: 

  • Menu > My Items: In the bidding site, bidders can look at their "My Items" page

  • Allow Guests to Checkout from Phone: This feature can be turned on under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment. When a bidder clicks the red Pay! button it will show them a list of all items they won and allow them to check out.

  • If you have Mass Messaging: You can send a winning text or email to all bidders who have items to check out. We recommend using the "Silent and Live Winning Bidders" filter for sending verbiage related to "You're a Winner". If you are sending a message asking everyone to check out we recommend "Bidders who have not checked out".

Click Here for more information about Mass Messaging