Sort items by Category

To organize your items into the order or grouping that you wish for them to display, you will need to use Categories. Categories can be ordered alphabetically or in a sort order. When you add items to a category, those items will display by the sort order you choose. Therefore, you can create a category named "Trips" and order that above a category named "Electronics".

  • To do this, go to Items > Manage Categories. To add a new category press Add Category. Type a name for your new category in the Add a Category section. You can also give your category a Sort Order. The lower the number, the higher the category will show in your list of items. For instance, if I created Electronics as a category and a Sort Order of 1, then that category and its items will show before my Beauty category with a sort order of 2, and so on.

How can I have categories for my items but still show them in numerical order?

  • Go to Items > Categories & Ordering. At the top of this page there is now a drop down menu to choose between ordering items on the bidding site either “By Category First, Then Item Number” or “By Item Number”. If you choose item number, then category order is ignored and items are displayed numerically. Whichever order is chosen, this is the order the items will appear both on the preview and when logged in as a bidder.

Pro Tip: If you are adding your items through the item template located at the bottom of the Items > Manage Items page, add your items to the template in categories using specific item numbers by 100's. For example: I have 4 categories for my items, Sports, Travel, Food & Drink, and Fitness. My first category will be Sports, these items will start with item number 100 up to however many of these items I have. My next items Travel will start with item number 200, Food & Drink will start with item number 300 and Fitness will start with item number 400. This keeps the items separated by category but ensures they are also in numerical order. This also makes it easy to add new items as you receive them.