We recommend saving the Bidders, Items, Sales Report, Paid Bidder Statements, and ticket sales (if you have them). 

NOTE: All of this information will also be found in the Archives after performing the archive. Software Settings > Connect to Archives. 

To save the Bidders go to Bidders > Manage Bidders and click on the CSV button on the top left of the page.


To save Items go to Items > Manage Items and press the blue CSV button.

To save Sales Report, go to Reports > Event Sales and press the blue CSV button. For Statements go to 

To save Bidder Statements go to Reports > Paid Bidder Statements. This page will list all the statements that have been generated. You can choose File > Save on your browser or you can print them. 

To save Ticket sales navigate to Event Tickets > View Ticket Sales and press the blue CSV button.

This is an example of an Item Spreadsheet:

Your Spreadsheets will look like this when you save them: