Go to Event Tickets > Manage Guests. You can see here who you will need to remind by looking at who still has “Guests of” listed. In the example below, you can see that Cork Merk has 5 guests he still needs information from.

Now go to Event Tickets > View Ticket Sales, find the ticket purchaser that needs their guests updated. To the right of their name is a drop-down arrow, click on that and then tap Resend Link (infinity sign). 

This will automatically send the purchaser an email that they can forward to their guests to update their information. When their guests enter their information it updates in the software automatically.

* * You can edit the message that goes in this email by going to Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > Customizable Content > Link Email Message.

* Once you create a Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting and a purchase or sale has been made, do not change the name of the ticket. By changing the name of the Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting after a purchase has been made your reports will no longer be correct and the resent guest link will not show for Tickets/Sponsorships/Underwriting.