Secondary Event/Second Chance Auction

When you are ready for your next auction go to Software Settings > Account Status. In the Account Status block you will see a section where you can activate your next event. Simply check the box labeled "Activate Next Event" and then choose an event start date and event end date. You can then press the blue button in the right column to add your event. Once complete you will see a page that gives you instructions on how to use your new event.

NOTE: Your auction start and auction end are meant to help us know when you plan to start selling auction items. Consider when your last auction item will close and use that date and time as your auction end. For your auction start, you can either choose today or perhaps when you plan to open your auction for bidding. Auction items will be allowed to have closing times within this window.

Second Chance Auction: 

  • Second Chance Auctions are available as one of your four auctions. Using this auction will give you a chance to sell your “No Bid” items from your last auction and to add any additional items you may have.
  • To view No Bid Items, go to Dashboard > Post-Event. You can also view No Bid Items under Event Central > Manage Unbid Items.
  • Go to Items > Manage Items and select “All” records per page.
  • Make Sold Items Invisible Status.  
    • Toggle all items, scroll to the bottom (Batch Update Options), select status, change items to invisible, then update.
  • Make Unbid Items Active Status.
    • Back to the Manage Items Page. In the "Tags" filter box type in unbid and only the unbid items will appear. 
    • Toggle the “ Unbid items"  Scroll to the bottom (Batch Update Option),
    • Toggle Status Box and select “Active” toggle closing time box and change to new future closing time, which can not be passed the date that was added to the software on the Event Status Page. Update at the bottom.  
  • If available, notify guests of a second chance opportunity to bid on items via mass messaging, text and/or e-mail. If this feature is not available with the software package that was purchased you can use your own means to get the word out. (i.e.) Facebook, Personal email, or Web page.