Follow These Steps to Renew Your Software License

  • Log into your admin, go to Software Settings > Account Status page. Select the red "Renew Now" button. Choose "Renew My Account 795" or Renew "Fund-A-Need"

  • Add your new event date/time and closing date/time. Select any upgrades you would like, type in a sales code (if you have one) and click on "Purchase Renewal".

  • This will process the card on file or if you would like to pay via invoice, the purchase renewal button will email an invoice. Once the renewal process is complete, if you have any questions you will find a request support tab under the Training/Support tab > Request Support.
  • Also, go to Training/Support > Best Practices and search "Remove Data from your Previous Event"
*** Please be sure you have received all merchant proceeds from previous events before renewing, or the ACH data will be removed from your account and may delay receiving the funds in your account.