Follow These Steps to Renew Your Software License


  • Log in to


  • First, go to Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information. Make sure all the information is correct and the Address, State, and Zip Code are all entered. Click on the home tab in the top left corner of the page. 

  • Click the Red “Renew Now” button.

Step 1: The license type you had previously will be checked.

Step 2: Add your new event date/time, closing date/time, event name, and additional email addresses you would like to receive the receipt after payment of the renewal.

Step 3: Select features, the ones you previously had will already be selectedSimply uncheck any you do not want to purchase again or check any you would like to add. 

Step 4, Click on “I’d like to pay by credit card” and you will see Click/Tap to use a different card,” click it to add a different credit card or to update the current card on file.  Select “Purchase Renewal.” If you would like an invoice to pay by check or to pay at a later date, uncheck I’d like to pay by credit card, and select “Purchase Renewal”. An invoice will be sent to the email addresses you provided.

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*Note: If you have any questions about your renewal, please email or call: (231)220-9221.