To add an admin fee to Bidder Checkouts, Go to Software Settings > Auction Settings and then to Payment > Capture Admin Fee.

 For US Accounts, Enter 3.63 if you want to recoup your entire 3.5 % fee. For Canadian Accounts, Enter 3.724% if you want to recoup your entire 3.59 % fee to ClickBid.  Whatever you enter in the “CC Fees description” will show on the receipt.


The Admin Fees Description that shows up on the bidder's receipt will have the default verbiage of 

"This helps cover our credit card fees" 

Under the Administrative Fees section of the receipt. This verbiage can be changed by going to Software settings > Account Settings > Payment, Admin Fees Description.

 *there is a 75 character limit on the Admin Fee Description

It's important to note that if you want to recover the full amount that you will pay, you must increase your percentage to 3.63% for US (3.724% for Canada).  This is because the 3.5% (3.59% Canada) that you pay to ClickBid is charged on whatever amount is charged on the bidder’s card.



**YOU have charged this fee

Then when you as a US customer pay the credit card fee, you receive $103.63 * .965 = $100.00.  By you charging your bidders the fee, you have retained the entire amount of their donation and still paid our 3.5% fee.  If you had not charged the fee, your $100 donation would have resulted in you retaining $96.50 after paying our 3.5% fee.  For a Canadian customer, if you charged the 3.724%, you receive $103.72 * .9641 = $100.00



If you are selling tickets to the event through the ticket page or accept online donations or Text-to-Give, the above steps will also add a Credit Card Fee on to the purchase. 



Click here to see the US states that do not allow this automatic surcharge.



Reports > Event Sales will help with auction total questions. Export to CSV, then total column W (Winning Bid) and column Z (CC Fee) and add them together.  Also, if you sort the sheet ascending by column Z, you will see all of the bidders who opted out of paying the fee (the $0.00 entries).