In the days before your event, you may wish to integrate your data from an external source. We have created a way to set up your items in a format that can be easily dragged and dropped into the admin. 

To view our Item Type Best Practice, CLICK THIS LINK.

** The software only reads this SPECIFIC excel spreadsheet. Not all columns have to be filled out but you can not delete, hide or add to ANY of the columns or headers. 

** You can do more than one import, just start with a NEW spreadsheet.


Navigate to Items > Manage Items, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Download a Template"

NOTE: The item name & item type are required in the spreadsheet in order for the import to work correctly.  

Start adding items on line #4 of the item template.

  • All spreadsheet items must have an item name.
  • All spreadsheet items must have an item type.
  • Fair Market Value will default to priceless if left blank. In the admin, there is an option to show FMV on the bidding interface.
  • Starting Bid and Bid increment will default to $1.00 if left blank. 
  • Once complete, drag and drop the spreadsheet under Items > Manage Items > "Drop Files to Upload"
  • Once the import is complete, edits can be done through the Manage Items page.

  • When adding an item by clicking ADD ITEM the "Show FMV as Priceless" option will be selected, deselect this if you want your FMV to show on the Landing page, bidding site, and share links.

  • When adding an item by ITEM TEMPLATE, this feature will not be selected automatically

  • $0 FMV (Besides Donation Items) will display on receipts as PRICELESS.
  • Unless your FMV field is Blank or 0 is entered then it defaults to display as priceless.

Category Suggestions

Item Number/Categories - We recommend working the item number and the categories together. In the admin, you can do a sort order of how you would like them to appear on the bidding interface. To put them in a sort order go to Items> Categories & Ordering.


(First) Sports 100's

(Second) Travel 200's

(Third) Entertainment 300's

Item Type

It is important to give all items an item type in the spreadsheet. 
  • Silent 
  • Live 
  • Donation 
  • Quantity 
  • Blind
  • Credit 
  • Info

To view what is required for each item type, please view our best practice on item types, CLICK HERE

Explanation of Columns on the Spreadsheet

A. Name: Name of Item 

B. Number: Item Number 

C: Category: Category for your item. Ex: Electronics, Sports, Beauty. 

D. Description: Description of your item. 

E. Exceptions: Exceptions include black-out dates, expirations, requirements. 

F. Table: Table that the physical item can be found at your event. 

G. Solicitor: Individual who has taken responsibility for the origin/donation/resource of that item. 

H. FMV: Fair Market Value of the item/package. 

I. Start: Starting Price of Item (if applicable)

J. Raise: Raise price or Increment of the item (if applicable) 

K. Closing: Closing time of the item. 

L. Taxable: Should this item be taxed? Yes or No. 

M. Tax Rate: Tax Rate if this item should be charged tax. 

N. Type: The type of item Ex: Silent, Live, Donation, Quantity, Blind, Credit or Info. REQUIRED FOR UPLOAD

O.  Buy it now price:  Buy now price is typically over market value (FMV), usually 150-200%. If s guest does not want to get into a bidding war they would have the option to buy it outright if you use this feature on some or all items.

P. Notes: These are notes for you. The bidders will not be able to see these. They will appear on the spreadsheet found under Items > Manage Items, the Admin Viewable Notes section under Items > Manage Items > Descriptions and Extras, as well as the Archives CSV.

Q. QTY: This block is used with a quantity item type only. Enter the number you have available to sell.

R. Limited: This column is used with a Quantity Item Type only. Enter Yes, if you have a limited number available and No if you have an unlimited amount available.

S. Donor Name: Must be added through the admin, not the template. This information is pulled into thank you cards found under the items tab. To set up multiple donors, go to Items > Manage Items > Donor Information.

T. Donor Display Name: Only the Donor Display Name is shown to your guests on the mobile bidding site. One or more donors can be added through the template. Enter the Names(s) as you want them to be viewed by bidders on the bidding site. If multiple donors separate them by a comma. You can also enter in a Donor Display Name under each item on the manage items page and in the Items - Manage Donors tab. 

U-AC. Donor Columns: U-AC. Donor Information must be added through the admin, not the template. To enter information for multiple donors, go to Items > manage Items > Donor Information. None of this information is seen by your bidders.

AD. Consignment: The consignment amount is the amount that needs to be paid to the donor. This can be entered as a whole dollar or percentage. EX: 200 or .50 (for 50%).

Tips & Notes

How to set up a silent item that you might have more than one of?

Our recommendation:  Add both items to the software each with its own item number. Set the second item to Live/Preview item type. Set status to Invisible. Offer the second item to the runner-up of the first item (this is the one that was available for bidding). In the item description, include that you will be choosing the top 2 highest bidders. You can find the bid history on the Butler under Remove a Bid/Bid History. Once the auction closes, use the Butler to enter in the second-highest winning bidder and winning bid amount. "Add A Bid"

*   If you are having trouble uploading your item Spreadsheet try these tips: 

We normally recommend saving in CSV, but if you are trying to import a spreadsheet that has special characters ($-&), use CSV UTF-8 (When your spreadsheet is open go to File > Save as > Click on the down arrow for format type and select from the drop-down.)

Bold Text, Bullet Points & Carriage Return formatting options within the item template WILL NOT CARRY OVER on the upload into ClickBid. 

Item Status

** Important: Status has to be set in the admin, and cannot be added on the template.

    The different statuses are:

  • Active: will show on the auction preview and can be bid on in the bidding site

  • Closed: will show on the auction preview and the bidding site but cannot be bid on

  • Invisible: won’t be seen on auction preview or bidding site