The donation form can be added to any section A-D on the landing page. Use the shortcode [donate-form] provided in the content block. 

It will look something like this:

What happens after someone donates an item?

Once an item has been submitted through the landing page, the item will show in the admin under the Items > Manage items page. The status will automatically be set to "invisible" You can change the status to "Active" by clicking on the item name to edit or you can also do a batch update by toggling on the item > scrolling to the bottom > Click on Status > Active > Update at the bottom. The closing time will be automatically set to the date and time it was donated. This can be changed by clicking on the item name to edit or batch update at the bottom of the page. 

  • You will receive an email saying "You have a new item donation from your Landing Page"
  • The donor will also receive an email. Thank you for your donation. See the screenshot of the email below. 

Things to change after the item is submitted:

Go to Items > Manage Items

- The closing time can be changed by either batch update or edit item. 

- Change the Starting Bid and Raise amounts by either editing the item or clicking on the number in those columns. The item will automatically be set to a silent item. The starting bid is configured by 10% of the FMV, The bid increments are configured by 35% of the FMV added in the form by the donor. Both rounded up to the nearest $5.00 increments. 

- If you would like to add a "Buy It Now" price that will need to be done on the manage items page as well. 

- Add images! A limit of 10 images per form. If you would like to change the image order you can do so on the Manage Items page > click on the item name to edit > Image Details >  Uploaded Images > Drag to reorder.

* If your donor includes pictures, the pictures will automatically be included with the item details. 

* * In the form "Your Name" block will show as the "Donated by" on the preview page and bid app. 

Run a test by submitting a form. You can remove the item by clicking on the item on the manage items page > scroll to the bottom > delete.