We support the ability to generate thank you letters to send to your auction donors. Due to the wide range of content, you may wish to add to your thank you letters, we have attempted to make our system very robust and open to your creative efforts. As such, you are initially presented with an editor that controls your entire letter space. 

To help you get started, we will insert a template if nothing currently exists. When you make changes, we will automatically save your edits so you never have to worry about losing your changes as you tweak your letters.

Short Codes

To add dynamic elements such as donor name, item donated, fair market value etc, be sure to use the Short Code insert tool in the editor toolbar. It can be found in the second row, all the way to the right. 

These short codes are replaced with the donor's content such as item name. Below is an example of a thank you letter. 

NOTE: You can also drag and drop images such as logos to personalize your letters. Any images placed will be included in each letter.

When you're ready, you can choose a font and then press Generate Letters. We currently have a single standard theme.

This will open a new window with all your thank you letters. NOTE: it may not look like it, but when printed, each donor letter is contained on it's own 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper.

When you're ready, just choose the Print button on the top right side of the page and format your printing preferences.


  1. You can edit your rendered thank you letters before printing. Just tap or highlight the text you want to edit and have at it. These will not save your edits but allows you to clean up a few things before printing.
  2. We recommend Google Chrome to print your thank you letters. You can click on More Settings and turn off Headers and Footers to remove the URL references.
  3. As of this version, we will generate 1 donor letter per item. We do not combine items donated by the same donor. We recommend editing your thank you letter once generated to include more items and then print it (discarding the other thank you letters).

Chrome Print Dialog