Sponsor Level: Add the Name of the Sponsorship Level.


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Price:  Enter the price per package

Fair Market Value: If you choose to add an (FMV) it will appear on the ticket purchaser's receipt. Sample: FMV $75 per ticket

Tickets Per Purchase: The tickets per purchase will be the number of tickets sold with that sponsorship package. If it is a table of 8, you would enter 8.

Availability:  Enter the number of each sponsorship you have available to sell. If it is unlimited then put a 0. The software will not allow anyone to purchase more than available.

Hide Availability? The amount of each individual sponsorship available will appear on the ticket page. Sample:  If this is set to no. It will appear like this (5 of 19 Available):

Sold Out? Sold out can be reached one of two ways, 1) You have availability that has been reached,  or 2) You set the sold out box to yes.

Discount Code: Press +Discount Code to add a code and reflected price. For discounted price, please enter the price of the sponsorship after the discount code is entered.

Set Your Tickets to Sell Out: Go to Event Tickets > Modify Tickets > Select a ticket, under Quantity, type in the amount you have available. Once this quantity has been reached the system will mark the ticket as Sold Out so you cannot oversell your tickets. Under the same section, you can switch the "Mark as Sold Out" to yes 

Sold Out Message: Enter a message here that will appear on the ticket page when this ticket is sold out. You can leave this block blank.

Sponsorship Details: Enter anything this sponsorship level includes.


  • Table of 8
  • Name in the program
  • Speaking rights during the Gala event. (limited to 5 minutes)

*Note: To rearrange the display order of tickets, simply right-click/hold the ticket line and drag it to the position you want. Line items can only be moved within their section ex: tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, and selection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I preview the changes I have made to the ticket page as I make them? Go to Event Tickets > Launch Ticket Page.
  2. Can I do a test purchase and then delete it so I can see what the process looks like to a purchaser? Yes, we recommend it. You want to make sure during your test to pay by check or cash to make it simple. To set up payment types, go to Event Tickets> Ticket Page Settings> Payment Types. Set either cash or check to yes. Now you can go to Event Tickets > Launch Ticket Page and purchase. To Delete your purchase, go to Event Tickets> View Ticket Sales> Click the blue drop-down button to the far right and click the X. Click void this line and submit.  Now go to Event Tickets> View Ticket sales> click the small box to the left of the name> scroll down and click delete and type delete and then type test in the “enter an archive name” and update the page. Don't forget to change your payment processing back to what you want to accept from purchasers.
  3. Can I change “Sponsorship Information” in the banner above my Sponsorship? Yes, Go to Event Tickets> Ticket Page Settings> Additional Features> Sponsor Title.

***For further ticket page best practices, please visit the Training Tab > Best Practices (Besties) > search Tickets

* Once you create a Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting and a purchase or sale has been made, do not change the name of the ticket. By changing the name of the Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting after a purchase has been made your reports will no longer be correct and the resent guest link will not show for Tickets/Sponsorships/Underwriting.