Add a Meal Selection to your Ticket Page:

Go to Event Tickets > Modify Tickets > Scroll down to select > + Add A Selection,

Enter a selection i.e. Chicken Marsala or Prime Rib, enter a description if you would like to.

On the Ticket page they will be able to make their meal selection. See screenshot below. In the sample below, the Salad was added to the description.

*Note: To rearrange the display order of tickets, simply right-click/hold the ticket line and drag it to the position you want. Line items can only be moved within their section ex: tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, and selection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What report can I view that will show the meals that were selected by my ticket purchasers and guests? Go to Event Tickets > Manage Guests > Download Manage Guests Report on the top of the page > look at column H.
  • How do I change a meal choice for someone if they change their mind? Go to Event Tickets > Manage Guests > Scroll over to Find their name and scroll over to the selected column and change it and click out of the box to change it.
  • What do I do if someone didn't make a meal selection? You can resend the link out to the ticket purchaser to have the guest or purchaser update the information by going to Event Tickets > View Ticket Sales > Find the Ticket Purchaser’s Name > click on the Dropdown arrow to the far right and select the infinity sign “Chain link”.  Make sure that the resend Guest link is set to yes under Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > General Settings > Send Guest Update Link with Ticket Purchase?  Yes.
  • Is it possible to customize the note that goes out in the Email Message link to ticket purchasers to forward to their guests? Yes, go to  Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > Customizable content - link email message. 

* Once you create a Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting and a purchase or sale has been made, do not change the name of the ticket. By changing the name of the Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting after a purchase has been made your reports will no longer be correct and the resent guest link will not show for Tickets/Sponsorships/Underwriting.