How to Order / Use Credit Card Swipers

  1. Open your admin page

  2. Go to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment, you can order your swipers here. Remember they are only compatible with Laptops

  3. Confirm the chosen Payment Method

  4. From your menu now choose Event Central > Butler
  5. Search for a bidder or choose "Add New Bidder" from the top section

  6. With your swiper plugged in and the "Tap to Add a Credit Card" field opened, simply swipe a credit card

  7. Confirm that the data was automatically entered in the boxes

  8. Add a billing postal code and press "Complete"

Repeat steps 5-8 during your event check-in. When you're ready to check guests out, you can use Butler to find their invoice and swiper a card there as well. Our swipers work with all modern browsers and Windows or Mac laptops

Pro Tip: Test early! Add your own credit card to your bidder account a day or two early so you're comfortable with the process. If you have questions, you can submit a support request under Training / Support > Request Support.