There will always be a credit card fee charged for conducting credit transactions. 

Our credit card fee is 3.5%. If you want to push this fee to your bidders we recommend making your fee 3.63%, (If you are a Canadian group use 3.724%) this will add a percentage to each transaction and will ensure that the organization receives the full amount of the original purchase amount or donation. Meaning that the total purchase plus the 3.63% credit card fee are what is charged


For example, if someone donated $100, by charging the 3.63% fee during their checkout, they have been charged $103.63.  This $103.63 is YOUR gross proceeds for the transaction. Then when you pay the 3.5% fee, you receive $103.63 * .965 = $100.00.  By you charging your bidders the fee, you have retained the entire amount of their donation and still paid our 3.5% fee.  If you had not charged the fee, your $100 donation would have resulted in you retaining $96.50 after paying our 3.5% fee.


Reports > Event Sales will help with auction total questions. Export to CSV, then total column X (Winning Bid) and column Z (CC Fee) and add them.  $11,115.00 + $403.51 = $11518.51   Also, if you sort the sheet ascending by column Z, you will see all of the bidders who opted out of paying the fee (the $0.00 entries).