How to let bidders bid prior to the event online and switch to paper during the event:

1.  Turn on the "Register to Bid" button under the Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Show Register to bid button > Yes.  Require Credit Cards > Yes.  Turn off the option for guests to pay from their phones under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area. Turn off the option to allow Max Bidding under Software Settings > Auction Settings > General Event Details. 

2.  You can find the shareable web link to your Landing Page under the "Home" button in the top left of your admin account. This is the link you will share with your guests to register for a bidder number. 

3. Make sure your items have a closing date and time that is later than when you plan for the items to actually close. When you are ready to stop the online bidding and move to paper you want to make sure you leave yourself some time to print the paper bid sheets.  

4. Go to Items > Manage Items > select all in the top left corner and select your silent auction item types in the small boxes on the left. You can select all items by clicking the top small box on the left.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to "batch Update." Select status > invisible. This will prevent anyone from bidding on these items. 

5.  Go to Items > Printable Bid Sheets and print the paper bid sheets. You will notice if the item had a bid already place online the last bid that was placed will be seen on the bid sheet. The bidding will begin with the next available bid increment. 

6. When the auction is over, go to items > Manage Items > Select all > scroll down to the Batch update section and click Status > close. That way the auction items are now closed. 

7. Go to Event > Launch Butler > Add a Bid/ Multi Sale and enter the name or bidder number of the high bidder > enter the item number and the bid amount. Because the auction is closed it will ask you for the event id to place the bid.  Once entered, you have now added that person as the winner of that item. *Note if the winning bid is not available for selection, contact customer service (your on call support person) to increase the amount of increments shown. 

8. Once you have entered all the winners from your paper bid sheets and want to allow winning bidders to pay from their phones, you can turn on "Allow Guests to Pay From Phone, back on under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area.

9. If you have mass messaging, you can send out a text message under Bidders > Text Bidders > Filter on Bidders Not Checked Out and let them know they are a winner, and be sure to include the [u] and they can click the link to process their payment.