Your annual event license includes up to 4 events and 1 keyword. 

We highly recommend when it's time to choose your keyword, choose one that will work for all 4 events. 

We also recommend staying away from years, gala names, or anything specific to 1 event. 

Keep the keyword short and simple referencing your organization.

Example: Support The Lakeshore (Keyword: stl

The reasons behind these recommendations are listed below. 

- Your personal URL Link for bidders to log into the landing page/bidding application will change and the old link will no longer be active. 

- If you have any credit card transactions that still need to be processed and the keyword is changed, the transactions will no longer show in the admin.   

- The log in username for the admin will change to the new keyword selected.

* *For these reasons, we will not be changing keywords. 

If you would like to change your keyword before or after an event, a $250 charge will be applied to your account.

Please contact support by going to Training/Support > Request Support for any further questions.