We are now able to process credit cards in Canada! No more Third Party Processors!

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When Requesting Payment we can only process ACH, Checks cannot be sent out yet.
  • The processing software is already set up in your account! To view, go to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment.
  • We do not yet offer card readers in Canada.
  • Text-to-Give is now available in Canada! Use the 855 number located on your home page under Important Links.
  • We accept Visa and Mastercard. The credit card has to be branded with the Visa or Mastercard Logo. The system will not accept a Debit card that asks for a PIN. 
  • The CVV code is required on text to give and ticket pages because we do not store credit cards.
  • Zipcode or Billing Postal Code is required when adding a credit card to the bidder's record.
  • On the signup page, when Canada is selected, the merchant percentage charged will be 3.59%.
  • We recommend charging your bidders 3.724% to ensure you receive your full purchase price or donation amount.
  • If you want to push your credit card fees to your bidders you can do this under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment, Capture CC Fees - 3.724%.