Our software now gives you the option to share your Appeal Display to your bidders directly or put it on your landing page for anyone to view!

Follow these steps to get your Appeal Display on your landing page: 

  1. Go to Items > Manage Items, click on "Add Item" and create a donation item. You can add denominations to show suggested donation amounts.

  2. Click on "Projected Display Settings". Here you will choose the settings you want to display on the Landing Page. If you want to add a custom background, make sure to choose a picture that shows the Appeal Text, a dark image is best. Try to avoid busy backgrounds that could drown out the text that sits on top. If your image is blurry try using another one. Test the appeal and make sure that the image looks great on all devices.

  3. Go to Software Settings > Landing Page Content, click on a section you want the Appeal Display to show (Section A-D). Click on the shortcode icon, this will show a dropdown, select "Appeal Display", replace Donation Item Number with the item number you created in step 1.

  4. Launch your Landing Page! You can always look at what you created and go back to the item to make changes.

Other ways to share the Appeal Display:

  • Go to Items > Manage Items, click on your donation item, click on "Projected Display Settings", find the "Appeal Display Share Link"

  • Copy the link, you can send this in your welcome text, in your Mass Messaging (if you have that upgrade), put it on social media and send it through personal email.