Processing Quick Start Guide

BidKit Processing (powered by Stripe) is a new credit processing service. BidKit is a division of our software that powers numerous integrations with other systems like Neon and Kindful, making it a natural choice for housing this new credit processing service. “BKP” will replace a previous processing architecture.

Signup/Account Updates/Renewals

For accounts that sign up after BKP is launched, BKP will default as their credit processing service.  For any account that is renewing its license, BKP will also default as their credit processing service.

Cards already on file

If an existing Processing account has bidders with cards on file, these cards can NOT be migrated to BKP. If the desire is to keep these cards on file until the event, they will need to stay with Processing until after their event is completed. However, if the event is over 90 days away, they should consider changing to BKP as soon as possible. Cards on file with the old processing service are automatically removed after 90 days, so they would not be on file when the event started anyway. 

Onboarding with BidKit Payments

Even though BidKit Payments will default as the processor for new accounts and renewals, there is still a minimal amount of onboarding that needs to be completed before the client can begin processing charges or storing cards on file.  

There is a notice on the ‘welcome’ page (the first page you see when you log in to the admin) with a link, or you can navigate to Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payments and click the Merchant Registration button.  

  • This will create a ‘Connected Account’ with Stripe and launch a Stripe onboarding page.  If you are in Canada or based on if you chose a tax-exempt status, you may have to choose a business type before the Stripe page is launched.
  • The Stripe page will ask for a few details about the organization and also a name and contact info (including SSN) for a ‘responsible party’ for the organization. 
  • Since most accounts are with organizations that do not have ‘owners’, the ‘responsible party’ can be an executive in the organization (executive director, CEO, CFO COO, or similar). 

  • Once this form is submitted, the user will be redirected back to the admin on the ‘Merchant Account’ page.  
  • If the submitted data can be immediately validated by Stripe, card charging should be enabled within a couple of minutes (refresh the Merchant Account page to check).  
  • If card charging is still not enabled, click the ‘Update Merchant Account’ button to launch the Stripe onboarding page to see if Stripe needs additional information.

Organization bank account information can be entered on the Merchant Account page.  Once this is done and verified by Stripe, “Payouts” will show as “Enabled”.

  • Payouts to the organization happen automatically.
  • By default, payouts will happen weekly on Wednesday.
  • A different day of the week can be requested.
  • Stripe has a minimum wait period of 2 days before a charge can be paid out.
  • Payouts can be set to be paid out monthly instead of weekly.
  • Manual override of the payout date is possible and, if requested, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The proceeds from a given transaction will be deposited into the Connected Account (your BKP account).  Stripe has a minimum 2 day waiting period between the proceeds being deposited into the Connected Account and the organization being able to take a payout.
  • The Merchant Report page will show transactions not yet paid out as well as past payouts with their corresponding transactions.
  • We no longer have the ability to send checks for requested funds, ACH will be the only option.
  • Our fees (3.5% or 3.59% CAN) will be deducted from the proceeds that are deposited into the Connected Account.  Stripe has a policy that they do not refund the fees they charged on the original transaction when a refund is processed, and we plan to follow this policy as well. 

Once these steps are completed, the account is completely set up and operational.  All of the credit card features you have come to expect will be available and working the same as they did using the old processing. Enjoy!

PCI Compliance

Our level of compliance with BKP will be SAQ A-EP.   SAQ A means we don’t touch any card data, everything is completely outsourced. The card data is still very safe and does not travel over our network.


What does the deposit from BidKit payments show up on our bank account as? 

BidKit Payments 

Does BKP have digital wallet options?

In the future, we will release support for Apple Pay and Google Pay.  We will also have the ability to offer Visa Checkout, Masterpass, and Amex Checkout.  Venmo is owned by PayPal and therefore does not integrate with the Stripe platform on which BKP is built.

Can I use my own Stripe account?

No. While BKP is built on the Stripe platform, it is not possible to integrate existing merchant accounts into BKP.

Why should I pay a higher rate to use BKP instead of my own Stripe account?

You are welcome to use your own existing merchant account, however, you will only be able to accept payments manually using a point of sale terminal.

Can I refund a purchase if I have already received the funds?

Yes.  If you have funds remaining in your account that have not been paid out yet, the refund will be deducted from those funds.  If your available and pending balance are both zero, the funds will be deducted from your connected bank account.

What will show up on my bidder’s receipts and card statements?

Your organization name will be used by default as the ‘credit card descriptor’ which should appear on their statement as the entity responsible for the charge they see on their statement.  Receipts generated during checkout will also indicate this and provide your organization name, address, phone and email to be contacted in case of a question about a charge.

Can I use the USB card swipers I purchased from you previously?

Yes!  The USB card swipers you purchased will continue to work on the Butler check-in and checkout pages.

I have multiple admin accounts - can I use the same BKP account?

Yes - if your admin accounts were set up with the same Tax ID/BN, this will be detected when you are setting up your merchant account for the secondary admin(s).  At that time you will be asked if you want to use the same merchant account or set up a separate one.

What cards are accepted by BKP?

In the US: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

In Canada: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express 

The country specified under Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information will determine the currency of the charges submitted. This currency is also listed on the Merchant Account page. If the account is configured as a Canadian account, a bidder from the US using a credit card issued by a US bank will have their transaction processed in CAD and their issuing bank will convert it to USD on the cardholder's statement. 

When can I expect our funds to be transferred from BKP into our bank account? 

The *first* payout to a connected account will be delayed by an additional 7 days.  For example: 

  1. Charge happens on day 1. 
  2. 7-day initial payout delay period 
  3. 2 day standard wait period 
  4. Eligible for payout on the next automated payout day. 

We would definitely recommend that accounts perform a charge as soon as possible after setting up their account so they don’t have to wait for their funds after their event. Payouts are weekly on Wednesdays. If your event ends on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, then the next payout will be the following Wednesday. 

What does the transfer show as when our payouts are made?

The Statement Descriptor is BidKit payments the Description will be Stripe payments.

How long does it take for a credit card to be processed?

When processing a batch credit card, Event Payments > Unpaid Checkouts, this process can take up to 15 mins. There are quite a few steps involved when processing/clearing a transaction, most of which have to do with a bank approving and clearing the funds. An automated Batch runs every 15 mins which kicks off the payment process. When processing a credit card on a bidder phone, the credit card has been processed immediately. When processing a credit card through the Butler, the payment is collected and charged immediately.