Adding a Shipping Charge To a Bidder Statement

  • Navigate to Items > Manage Items, click 'Add Item'. Make your new item a Live item type. Keep this item invisible so none of your bidders can see it. 
  • Go to Event Central > Butler, Find the section labeled "Add a Live Bid / Multisale".

  • Type in the bidder's name or number, type in the item's name or number, a new field will appear. Add the amount of the shipping charge and click Add Bid.

  • You can allow your bidder to check this out on their own if you have the 'Check out by phone' option toggled on under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment, or you can check them out yourself.
  • Go to the top of the page, type in the bidder's name or number under 'Bidder Lookup'. Click on the red Checkout button.
  • Note: If you are adding a shipping charge for silent auction items, you will have to wait until the auction closes so a winner is assigned to add the charge to their account.

Another method of adding a shipping charge to bidder statements

If you have a set amount you plan to charge your bidders who wish to ship their items you can create a quantity item and ask bidders to add this item to their cart.

  • Go to Items > Manage Items, click Add Item. Make your new item a Quantity item type. Make it Active so bidders can select and purchase it.
  • Under Purchase Price add the amount you want to charge for shipping.
  • This option works great if you plan to charge all of your bidders a flat shipping rate, and allows the bidder to check this out at the same time as the rest of their items.