How can I have a physical event live auction with bidders participating both at the event and at home?

The answer is easy, our newest EventStream feature gives you the ability to discuss your live auction, sell items, and give your guests bidding from home the opportunity to participate! 

  • Click Here to view details on how to use the EventStream service

Using EventStream during your Live auction:

A traditional live auction consists of an auctioneer presenting an item and a starting bid to a large group of bidders, each bidder has their own paddle to raise if they want to place a bid on this item. We want to make sure this concept your bidders are expecting stays a possibility even when you have bidders that are not present. 

  • Go to Event Central > Live Broadcast to choose the broadcasting service you wish to use to show your virtual event on the bidding site. If you are not showing a video stream then you do not need to choose a broadcast service.
  • Once your service is selected and your Live EventStream items are set up, go to Event Central > Butler


How do we get the bids in for the bidders at the event?

  • When under Butler > Manage Your EventStream there is a section labeled "Floor Bid". 
  • When an in-person bidder raises their paddle, press the 'Floor Bid' button. This will create a 'Place Holder' bid which raises the next bid amount and is showing the accurate next available bid for those bidders bidding at home. 
  • If one of your in-person bidders or floor bidders won the auction item, click the person/pencil icon to edit the winner and enter the correct bidder number. We recommend having a spotter during the live auction writing down the winning bidder's number and the item they won and after the live auction is over, adding these winning bidders in.
  • The individual that is in charge of starting and selling your Live EventStream items will also be submitting the floor bids or placeholder bids as the auctioneer calls them out, this ensures that everyone has a fair chance at winning the item.
  • If you enter an invalid bidder number in the floor bid field and try to submit, we will notify you that this bidder number does not exist and the bid will not be placed.


  • If a bidder bidding from home wins a Live EventStream item, no additional steps are necessary.
  • Since the bidder was bidding from their device connected to their bidder profile, the system will automatically connect that item to the correct bidder at the amount they won.