Butler Entry

If your organization is receiving funds outside of this software from donors who are not registered bidders, and you want them to reflect on your Appeal Display, you can create an Anonymous Bidder to enter those funds into.

Create your Anonymous Bidder:

  • Go to Bidders > Manage Bidders > Add Bidder
  • Add the first name "Anonymous" and the last name "Bidder" or whatever you would like it to be.
  • Add in a bogus phone number and email (123-456-7890, email@example.com)

Add donations to your bidder:

  • Go to Event Central > Butler > "Add a Live bid/Multisale/Silent Bid" section of the Butler
  • Type in the Anonymous bidder's name or bidder number in the "Bidder" field 
  • Type in the Donation item's name or number in the "Item" field
  • Below a new field will populate called "Enter an Amount" enter the amount they donated in this field
  • Click "Add Bid"

Repeat the steps in "Add donations to your bidder" for each donation you need to add. Once these steps have been completed, you will immediately see the donation show on your Appeal display.

Text to Give Entry

If you want to show the donor's name on the board without entering a donation for them you can use the Text to Give feature.

Go to Donations/Text to Give>Settings in your admin:

  • As long as you have the donation amount, phone number, first name, and last name you can enter that information on this page.
  • When you click the Submit button, you will be brought to the next page that asks for email, address, and card information. Back out of this page, once you have clicked "Submit" the name you entered on the first page appears on the Appeal Display and no further action is required.
  • If your Appeal display is set up to show Text to Give donations you will see each entry on the display.
  • When the event is over you can remove all the Text to Give donations if you received a different form of payment, or you can click the Re-Send button to send the donors a reminder text to pay for their donation.

Don't have the donor's phone number?

  • You can follow all the steps above to enter a donation through Text to Give, only enter a bogus phone number.
  • This will not allow you to re-send a text to ask them to pay so you must get payment another way.