• Under Items > Manage Items click 'Add Item' and create your Donation item. Add denominations to this item that show up as suggested amounts when bidders click on the Green Donate and/or the green Give Live button on the bidding site. Under the item click on 'Projected Display Settings' to set your donation goal.
  • Under Butler > Manage your EventStream, you can start your Fund-A-Need. Simply click on 'Donation Items' under the Items section of the 'Manage your EventStream' page and click on your donation item. This will show you the goal you set for this item, the number of donations already made, and the denominations you created under the item.  At this point, you can either have the person managing the Eventstream page show all of the denominations on the guests' devices at once, or click on each denomination as the auctioneer talks about each dollar amount, usually descending from highest to lowest.
  • Now you can discuss with your bidders the goal you have, how much you have in donations, and ask people to give to reach that goal.
  • For the hybrid event - You will need one person managing the butler for the in-person donations.  They will go to Event Central > Butler > Appeal/Raise the Paddle Section.  Click on the donation item and then be ready to enter paddle numbers as they are called out under each denomination.   Next, there will need to be volunteers writing down paddle numbers as they are called out for each denomination.  At the conclusion of the Paddle Raise/Fund A Need, those writing down the numbers can do a quick verification with the person who entered them all in the Butler, to double-check accuracy.  
  • To remove a bidder, click on the X


How do I add another winner to a Live Item if using Eventstream for a Live Auction?

  • Go to Items > Manage items
  • Find the Live Item to sell again- toggle next to it and scroll to the bottom/Batch Update and check then Duplicate box- type duplicate and click update
  • Open the duplicate item - change the item name if desired - change allow live bids to no.
  • Go to Event Central > Butler > Add a Bid, then enter the bidder number, the item number, and the amount the additional person(s) won the item for.

Screenshot of Manage EventStream     

Screenshot of the Confidence Display (FOR AUCTIONEER)

  • Through the Confidence Display, the auctioneer has the ability to adjust the donation increments. Blue = displayed for bidders, White = turned off. Your organization must discuss with the auctioneer if they will be adjusting the increments, or if the volunteer on Manage Eventstream will be controlling them. 


Example of what guests will see when they click the green Give Live button and the green Donate Button:

  • This is a computer view.