Virtual Classes - Mixology Fundraising Example

Want to add something unique to your virtual event that your guests will remember? Host a virtual class on a specific topic and stream it live to your event’s landing page for all guests to see. Selling tickets for this additional feature for your event will allow you to make a few extra fundraising dollars. For illustration purposes, our example organization will be hosting a mixology class. With ClickBid’s EventStream, you can stream a live video to your guests right from your landing page! 

The first step is to create a tier ticket system for your event. Charging a general admission ticket will raise extra fundraising dollars for your organization, and creating different tier levels of tickets will also allow your organization to raise more money. For example, if your organization is hosting a virtual mixology class, sell an additional ticket or add-on that allows your guests to attend the class. Having this add-on will allow your guests to attend a special event that your organization is holding. You also can include other things in your packages like t-shirts, water bottles, snacks, and drink vouchers. 

To create different tier tickets, you first will need to purchase ClickBid’s Ticket Page.  Under Software Settings > Account Status > Upgrade Options, choose ‘Online Ticket Sales’ and press ‘Process Changes & Finish’ to purchase.  

Under Event Tickets> Modify Tickets, create your different levels of tickets. You can add pictures, descriptions, and more! Adding different ticket levels will allow your guests to select which package or ticket they would like to purchase. 

Then, purchase EventStream. Under Software Settings > Account Status > Upgrade Options, choose ‘EventStream’ and press ‘Process Changes & Finish’ to purchase. Then, figure out which way you would like to stream your video to your guests. Either through Zoom, OBS, or web camera, your options are endless. Once you have decided how you are going to stream your live class, all you need to do is prep for your video. Under Event Central > Live Broadcast, you can sync your streaming option with ClickBid. 

**** If you have any questions regarding streaming options or the technical side of EventStream, we suggest going to EventStream office hours. You can access the signup link for office hours under Event Central > Live Broadcast. Office hours are every Tuesday at 4 PM EST & Thursday at 2 PM EST. Office hours are an open forum, but you will have the ability to ask your questions. 

On your event’s landing page, add a description of when your virtual class will take place and how your guests can attend. Make these directions very clear so your guests are not confused. When the time comes and your virtual class is ready to stream, all you have to do is start streaming. 

Under Software Settings > Live Broadcast > Video Privacy Settings. Make sure your video privacy settings are set to ‘Filter on Bidders’. This way you can control who is able to see your virtual class to only your ticket purchasers. Under Filter on Bidders, include all the bidder numbers of the individuals that have purchased the add-on to watch your live stream. This will allow your video to be limited to just ticket purchasers, making your virtual class exclusively for the correct viewers. 

An important tip is to keep your guests engaged and aware of when and where your class will start. You will want to make sure that your guests know what to expect, when they should attend, and where to go to watch the class. You can either add a description of your virtual class on your landing page or send an email to your ticket purchasers about where to go. 

Some example descriptions include: 

“Tune in on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 at 7 PM EST to watch Jake Kovalcik teach us a special Mixology class! Live video starts at 7 PM sharp, so don’t be late! The video will be displayed on the bidding site, so don’t forget to log in to see the video! The video is for ticket purchasers only, so if you would like to attend the class, purchase the additional add-on. We look forward to offering you this once-in-a-lifetime class on how to make some of your favorite cocktails! (insert link here)”

WHAT? Mixology Class with Professional Jake Kovalcik 

WHEN? Tuesday, March 2nd @ 7 PM EST 

WHERE? Log in to the bidding site to view the live stream.

HOW? Purchase your ticket to attend here (insert link)”