Guests Pickup Food Fundraising Example

Are you holding a virtual event but want to offer your guests the opportunity to pick up food from a local restaurant during your event? ClickBid is here to help… 

Purchasing ClickBid’s ticket page will allow you to sell tickets to your virtual event as well as having your guests choose their food choice from a local restaurant. 

This allows you to charge more for your ticket, which means more fundraising dollars for your organization! Check to see if any local restaurants you choose can give you a discount or bulk price for partnering with them for your event! Make sure to set the individual ticket price reflecting all possible meal options. 

First, purchase the ticket page. 

  • Under Software Settings > Account Status > Upgrade Options, choose ‘Online Ticket Sales’ and press ‘Process Changes & Finish’ which purchases ClickBid’s ticket page.
  • Under Event Tickets > Tix > Modify Tickets, create your event tickets. You can add pictures, descriptions, and more!
  • Creating an individual ticket with tickets/purchase set to 1 allows your guests to purchase 1 ticket (with the option to purchase more) and allows your guests to include their contact information for each ticket they purchase.
  • Under Modify Tickets > + Add A Selection, you can add all your food and beverage options. Each guest can only select 1 option, so if you have more than 1 meal option from 1 restaurant, we recommend adding more than 1 entry and adjusting the title and description, ex: Yummy Restaurant - Chicken, Yummy Restaurant - Beef, etc. You can add however many selections as you choose. Once your guests select how many tickets to purchase, they are presented with the option to select food options with the description below that reflects how many tickets they are purchasing. Ex: 1 ticket = 1 meal choice, 2 tickets = 2 meal choices, etc. 
  • To adjust even more settings of the ticket page like color, descriptions, and payment types, please go to the Ticket Page Settings above Modify Tickets. Your possibilities are endless with ClickBid’s ticket page! 

To view more sample ticket pages, click this link.

Take a look at the example below!