Attendee Voting Fundraising Example

Are you looking for a way to involve your guests during your event? ClickBid has a perfect example for you. We have seen lots of organizations having their guests ‘vote’ on a specific picture, video, or item of their choice. For illustration purposes, we will be showing the cutest dog picture contest example. 

ClickBid How To: 

To begin this process, you will have to first collect pictures from your audience and have them ‘submit’ a picture via email. 

Under Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Section A - D, add information on how your organization is holding the “cutest dog contest” and your attendees are the judges. Add a description of how the process will work, adding an email address for the pictures to be sent to. Also, include a deadline for when these pictures will need to be submitted and when your winner is chosen. 

For each picture you receive, you will set up a quantity item with the image added. Under Items > Manage Items > Add A New Item > Quantity Item. Your organization will have to decide how much to charge for each ‘vote’ or purchase of this quantity item. For example, each vote is $2, or $5, etc. You can also decide whether to include a description or profile of the dog and its owner to add an additional element to the fundraiser. The ‘winner’ of the contest is the picture or dog that will have the most votes or ‘quantity’ item purchases. 

Once the voting is over, you can look at each item’s bid history to tally up all the votes and decide who the winner is. To view the item history, go to Items > Manage Items > ‘has bids’ tag for the individual quantity item. 


This is how your ‘items’ will be displayed on the bidding site with the category ‘Cutest Dog Contest’. 

Once your voters click ‘More / Buy’ they will be presented with this pop-up that allows them to purchase more than one 'vote for the contest.


After your contest is over and a winner is chosen, you can post on your landing page which animal won the contest. 

If you have mass messaging, you can send a mass text out to all bidders letting them know who won the contest and thanking them for their votes. The opportunities are endless! 

Sample Messages:

"Our Cutest Dog Contest winner is Archie! Thank you for all your wonderful picture submissions!"

"Congratulations to Chip, our cutest dog contest winner! You have won our dog basket and a $20 gift card to PetSmart! Thank you for all submissions and for casting all of your votes!"