This Best Practice is a step-by-step guide to help you locate where to get started in the admin. 


First, we recommend setting up all your event pages

  • Landing Page
  • Ticket Page 
  • Donation Page 

Setting up these pages first will allow you to send the landing page out for your guests to start purchasing tickets or register for your event.

Landing Page

Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Login/Register Area 

First, to start setting up your landing page, take a look at the Login/Register Area to adjust any setting for your guests during registration. 

  • Event Start: Here you have the option to open your auction earlier than the given start time. This allows your guests to log into the landing page to access the bidding site. If your event is set to open, and you have items set to active, your guests will be able to bid on items. If you plan on opening your auction early, be aware of your item's status' to avoid any early unplanned bidding.
  • Click here for more details

Ticket Page

Event Tickets > Tix > Modify Tickets 

First, create any individual tickets, sponsorships, or underwriting. 

Once you have created your tickets, go to Event Tickets > Tix > Ticket Page Settings

  • General Settings: Allow your guests to keep their credit card on file, and adjust the display order. 
  • Payment Types: Allow your guests to pay via credit card, cash, or check. 
  • Additional Features: Adjust any titles, create comments for your tickets, and show social media icons. 
  • Customizable Content: Create custom messages, receipt header, and footers, and adjust your email messages. 
  • Header Image and Background Color: Add a custom background to your ticket page and adjust any accent colors.
  • Click here for more details

Donation Page

Donations/Text-to-Give > Settings 

  • You can set up a donation goal, add pre-set denominations and adjust the donation title. 
  • You also can add a donation description, add a custom background and adjust the Text-to-Give receipt footer. Adding your Tax ID to this receipt footer will be beneficial for your donors come tax/write-off season. 

This donation page will be available for your guests in 2 spots. 

  • Having your guests text your keyword to 56651 will allow them to click this donation link to complete their donation. More info regarding the text-to-give campaign can be found on your homepage under 'Important Links' 
  • Your guests can also make a donation on your landing page using the donation link on your navigation bar. Clicking on the donate now text on your landing page will present your guests with this donation page to submit their donation. 

**Any donations made through this donation page can be found under Donations/Text-to-Give > Manage Donations. If you have any incomplete donations, you do have the ability to resend a text, prompting your guests to complete their donations.

After setting up your event pages, we then recommend adjusting some settings to customize your event.

Auction Settings

Software Settings > Auction Settings

  • General Event Details: Adjust your event starting time, and allow max bidding. Max bidding allows your guests to set the 'max' amount they are willing to pay for an item and allows the system to bid on their behalf up until that max bid. Once their max bid has been outbid, they will receive an outbid notice. 
  • Bidder Settings: Allow bidder registration and mobile check-in, enable text to register, require an address and credit card, and enter a starting bidder number for people that self register. Here is where you can create a custom welcome email that guests will receive when they register to become a bidder. 
  • Butler Settings: Create your custom welcome message that your guests will receive after completing registration. We recommend including the [u], which is your bidder's unique bidding URL. (If you are selling tickets, this custom welcome message will not automatically send when you convert your guests to bidders.) 
  • Payment: Adjust your credit card fees and allow guests to opt-out of credit card fees. We recommend charging 3.63 percent for credit card fees. 
  • Choose if you want to allow guests to check out from their phone
  • FMV Settings: Here you can show FMV on receipts. We recommend showing FMV on receipts for tax/write-off purposes. 
  • Custom Content: Create a statement footer and set terms. We recommend including your Tax ID in the statement footer for your guests to have come tax/write-off time.

The next step is to set up your organization's ability to charge credit cards.

Merchant Account

Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment > Merchant Registration 

Account Status

Software Settings > Account Status 

  • Events: Activate your next event on this page after archiving your past event information. With an annual license, you are allowed 4 events. 
  • Upgrade Options: Purchase additional upgrade features per individual event or license year. Ask our Customer Service team to give you more information on these add-ons. 
  • Receipts/Invoices: Find any receipts or invoices for your organization here. You can view a copy to print, or send the receipt to the admin email.

Admin Login / Password

  • 1 login information is provided for your organization. If you have a team working on the set-up of your event, please share your login information with everyone. 
  • Password Reset: If you would like to reset your admin password, please go to Software Settings > Account Settings > Password Reset