This Best Practice is a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Ticket Page. 

Modify Tickets

Event Tickets > Modify Tickets

This is where you will add individual tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, and selections. 

  • Price: This is the set price per ticket 

  • Ticket Title: The title of your ticket/sponsorship/underwriting. Please note there is a 26 character limit.

  • Tickets/Purchase: This sets how many tickets come with the purchase of 1 ticket. If you are creating a family ticket package or couple ticket page, adjusting this field is where you will want to do so. 

  • Quantity Available: If you are selling a limited quantity ticket, add the quantity here. 

    • You also have the ability to mark a ticket sold out, if you have reached your limited quantity. 

  • Ticket Details: This will appear below the title and should describe what is included with your ticket/sponsorship/underwriting package. 

  • Selection: Add an individual selection for each meal choice or selection you would like your guests to select. 

    • Your ticket purchaser will only be allowed to choose 1 option and you cannot set a limited quantity on selections.

    • Ex: Vegetarian, Beef, Chicken or Pork

*Note: To rearrange the display order of tickets, simply right-click/hold the ticket line and drag it to the position you want. Line items can only be moved within their section ex: tickets, sponsorships, underwriting and selection.


* Once you create a Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting and a purchase or sale has been made, do not change the name of the ticket. By changing the name of the Ticket/Sponsorship/Underwriting after a purchase has been made your reports will no longer be correct and the resent guest link will not show for Tickets/Sponsorships/Underwriting

Ticket Page Settings 

Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings

  • General Settings: Choose which elements to ask for on the ticket form and adjust the ordering display for tickets, sponsorships, underwriting, donation, and seating preference. 

    • When adding email addresses into Receipt Email Address, please separate emails by a comma and NOT adding a space in between email addresses. Adding a space between email addresses causes an email confirmation not to be sent after a successful purchase.

    • If no email is added, the ticket purchase receipts will send to all emails listed under Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information.

    • ‘Allow Guest Updates?’ - This is the Guest Update Link Setting. 

      • NO = No updates to the guest update link, also link does not get sent to new ticket purchases. 

      • YES = Updates can be made by all guests except the ticket purchaser, and the guest update link does get sent to new purchases.

  • Payment Types: Choose or change payment options on your ticket form. 

  • Additional Features: Choose or change features within your ticket form. Social media buttons, donation form, adjust titles of tickets, sponsorship, underwriting, donation, and seating preference. You also can add a comment label for each display. 

  • Customizable Content: Edit your copy blocks to customize your form. 

    • Top Message: Appears at the top of the ticket page. 

    • Receipt Header: Adjust the header of your ticket purchase receipt.

    • Confirmation Message: This will appear on the page following successful ticket purchase. 

    • Link Email Message: This will appear in the Guest Update Link email sent to purchasers that have guests that may need to be updated. 

  • Header Image and Background Color: Upload a header image and choose a header background color. The background color will also be used for section headers.

Manage Guests 

Event Tickets > Manage Guests

  • Any ticket purchasers will be placed in this list of 'guests' along with their ticket type and meal selection. 

  • To assign them a bidder number and allow them to start bidding on items, you must convert them into a bidder.

    • Once you convert guests into bidders, you can manage them under Bidders > Manage Bidders.

  • To convert guests into bidders, simply select all entries and scroll down to our Batch Update field and select 'Make Bidder'. 

  • To see any guests that have already been assigned a bidder number, use the arrows next to 'Bid # Assigned' and 'yes'. Any guests still set to 'no' have not been assigned a bidder number.

View Ticket Sales 

Event Tickets > View Ticket Sales 

  • This report shows your ticket sales data. 

  • If you would like to download an Excel or CSV file of this report, please use the Download Ticket Sales in the blue navigation bar on the top of the page. This will include ticket purchaser contact information, total, purchase date, pay type, name, and quantity. 


Sales Summary

Event Tickets > Sales Summary

  • This page breaks down your ticket, sponsorship, and underwriting data as a whole.

  • Viewing quantity sold and total sales per individual item.

Enter RSVP Ticket 

Event Tickets > Enter RSVP Ticket

  • This tab will populate a page that looks exactly like your ticket page and gives you the chance to enter an RSVP ticket for one of your guests. 

  • On this ticket form, you will have the ability to process payment via check, credit, or cash. 

  • After entering in an RSVP ticket and the purchaser's contact information, the purchaser's email will receive a receipt confirmation.


Ticket Purchase Confirmation Email: All emails listed under Software Settings > Account Settings > Contact Information will receive all ticket purchase confirmation emails, unless an email is added under Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > General Settings > Receipt Email Address.


Ticket Page Confirmation Area: 

After a purchaser purchases a ticket, they are shown the receipt and confirmation message. 

You can edit the confirmation message from Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > Customizable Content > Confirmation Message. You can edit the Receipt Header from Event Tickets > Ticket Page Settings > Customizable Content > Receipt Header. If you have a logo added under Software Settings > Account Settings > Logo/API, the logo will appear at the top of the ticket receipt.