A reverse raffle is a twist on a traditional raffle that brings a new level of excitement and community involvement into the process. For a reversed raffle, the last ticket to be pulled is the winner.


  • Sell Raffle Tickets for a certain period of time.
  • Decide how much you want to sell each ticket for. 
    • TIP: The bigger the ending prize, the more you can charge for an individual ticket.
  • Start by pulling 1 name out at a time, repeating this process until you have 1 name left. 
  • The last ticket pulled is the winner!

How To: 

  • Set up a Quantity Item under Items > Manage Items and name the item Reverse Raffle Ticket or whatever you choose.
  • Decide how much to charge for this raffle ticket and if you want a limited quantity for this raffle ticket.
  • Sell Tickets prior to or during your event.
  • After you have sold tickets, go to Items > Manage Items> Reverse Raffle Item, click the 'has bids' tag that pulls up the Item Bid History to view all of your purchasers.
  • Download the CSV file of all your raffle ticket purchaser's names. 
  • Make sure you have listed the purchaser name the correct amount of times they purchased a ticket 
    • 2 purchases = 2 names entered into the drawing
  • Draw 1 ticket at a time and repeating this process until you have 1 name left. 
  • The last name standing is the winner of this reverse raffle ticket 

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