We have found an awesome and easy way to pick raffle winners online! 

With Wheel of Names, picking a raffle winner has never been this easy and allows you to sync a google sheet of names to be chosen. 

Simply, enter names and choose a random winner!

How To: 

  • First, go to Items > Manage Items > Raffle. Then, click the 'has bids' tag that pulls up the Item Bid History to view all of your purchasers. 
  • Click 'Download Qty Purchases' 

  • Then, open a blank google sheet. Copy and paste the first name column and the last name column from the CSV into the google sheet.
  • *Function =A1&B1 will combine the first and last name together in 1 column. This will be the column you want to import into Wheel of Names. 
  • Go to wheelofnames.com 
    • Go to the drop-down arrow of More, and choose to link a Google Spreadsheet.
  • Add the spreadsheet and choose column C with both the first and last names. 
  • Customize the spin even more by choosing sounds, colors, and images. 
  • Click on the wheel to spin and a winner will be chosen. 
    • After spinning, you do have the option to REMOVE the name from the next spin. 
    • For a REVERSE RAFFLE, you will want to remove each name that 'wins' since the winner of a reverse raffle is the last name standing.

 Check out our best practice about REVERSE RAFFLES