Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a fundraising strategy that uses the networks of your existing supports to raise money on your behalf. This is a great choice for fundraising because it is a low-cost and low-effort way to raise funds. It relies on your supporters' existing relationships and leverages them to help spread the word about your cause. 


  1. Set a goal: How much do you plan on raising? 
  2. Set a theme: Will your campaign revolve around an event, a powerful cause, tribute, or challenge? 
  3. Set a time frame: How much time do your fundraisers have? Deadlines create a sense of urgency and encourage more donations. 
  4. Determine how you will spread the word: Will you be sending emails? A letter in the mail? Social Media Post?
  5. Create materials and messaging to share with your fundraisers: Making it as easy as possible for your peers makes it easier for them to network about your cause. 
  6. Set up a fundraising site or website: Make sure your supporters have everything they need to get the word across to future supporters. 
  7. Start fundraising: Provide frequent updates and stay in touch with your supporters to keep them engaged.
  8. Say thank you: Personalize a thank you letter to all new donors.


  • For your cause or fundraising campaign, allow your guests to sign up to become a team leader or fundraising individual for your organization.
    • On your organization's landing page, include details on how to become a team leader. Also include an email address that individuals can contact for any questions they may have. 
  • For each team that is created, a specific donation item will be set up referencing that team.
    • Under Items > Manage Items, set up a donation item with the team name, including the team captain in the description.
    • Decide if your organization will charge a team fee. Requiring a certain dollar amount to create a team.
  • Each team captain and members will reach out to others, encouraging them to donate on their team's behalf.
  • The individuals will share their specific donation item that references the team they are part of. 
    • Each donation under a specific team name will help that team become the winner of the campaign by raising the most money.
  • Each donor will be required to Register via the organization's landing page to complete a donation. Completing registration will allow your guests to include their contact information, allowing your organization to send a thank you note for their donation. 

Give each team their item sharable link. 

Go to Software Settings > Landing Page Content > Page Settings > Social Media > Show Item Sharing Buttons?> Yes. This allows guests to share individual items via social media. 

Then, within the Manage Items Page, click the green triangle square. This will copy the sharable link for the item. You also can get the sharable link for this item from the Auction Preview, on your landing page. Both screenshots are attached below. 

Give your team this specific link to share on social media or to put in emails. 

  • After your fundraising campaign's event date, tally up which team raised the most money! 
  • Under Reports > Non-Silent Items, this page will show you the individual donation items, and the total raised