How To Bid LIVE

  1. Go to your organization's event page. 
  2. Log in by entering in your phone number, email, or bidder number and click GO. 
  3. Confirm you are the name listed (a password may be required at this time) and click 'Continue". 
  4. Once completely logged in, look near the MENU area for a green icon 'Bid Live'. This Bid Live icon will only appear during the live portion of your event when live bidding is ready. 
  5. Click Bid Live. A popup will appear, giving you information about the live item, also allowing you to view any images or descriptions.
  6. Click on the Bid amount to place a bid.  
  7. Once you have placed a bid on an item, the next price increment will show. If you are outbid, the popup will show that you have been outbid, giving you a chance to bid at the next amount. 
  8. When the live item closes, bidding no longer can take place, and the popup shows if you won the item or not.
  9.  Once the item sells, the Bid Live button will disappear. 
  10. When another live item is activated, the Bid Live button will reappear but for the new item.