What are Push Notifications? 

Push Notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your browser or the device you are using. Push Notifications are a good backup in case phone carriers block text messages for unknown reasons. Allowing Push Notifications is a safety net that allows you to always stay updated. 


Enabling Push Notifications on your browser is an important step that will allow you to receive notifications from ClickBid. 


iOS products (iPhones, iPads, etc.) are unable to use Push Notifications due to strict Apple policies, although, MacBook products can receive Push Notifications. However, iOS products can still receive SMS messages. If an SMS message is not delivered, the software will send the message via WhatsApp. Click Here to view our WhatsApp Best Practice.


How to Send a Push Notification? 

  • Sending a Push Notification is the same as sending a text. Bidders > Text Bidders. 
  • Push Notifications are only sent to Logged In bidders. 
  • The filter "Bidders who have not logged in" will not receive a push notification.


Push Notifications on your Device (Non-iOS Products)

  • When you log in for the 1st time, you will receive a pop-up that says 'Allow Push Notifications'. Click Yes. Then, a second pop-up from your browser will appear asking if cbo.io can send you notifications. Click Allow. If you click block, then go to your browser settings, clean your history, click on the lock located in the address bar, and set the notifications to Ask. (screenshots below) Then you will be able to click allow when it asks you again. 

  • The first step is to ensure you are allowing notifications both on your browser and device.

  • For Google Chrome, a quick way to check if you are enabling notifications is by clicking on the lock icon to the left of the URL.

To allow Push Notifications

When a bidder first logs onto the bidding site from their computer, they will be presented with this popup, asking if they want to allow Push Notifications. To allow push notifications, a user must hit YES.


Once you click Yes, you will receive another pop-up asking if cbo.io can send you notifications. Click Allow.

Follow these steps via screenshots on how to enable notifications on Google Chrome


Follow these steps via screenshots on how to enable notifications on Microsoft Edge.



Sample Push Notification Appearing on Computer on HP Windows 10 Using Google Chrome

Once an individual has allowed Push Notifications, they will be presented with notifications that appear on their browser or device. The individual does not have to have the bidding site pulled up to receive notifications. This notification also allows the individual to click on the notification button and it will bring them to the correct link.


Sample Push Notification Appearing on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Chrome on Android.


Message History

To view your Text or Push Notification History, go to Bidders > Text Bidders > Precomposed Texts. You can view your pre-composed messages and click on Sent To... which will show you the history and how the messages were sent (either phone number for SMS or Push Notification)


If you are looking to see the history of messages received for a specific bidder, go to Bidders > Manage Bidders > Bidder Profile > View Push Notifications. 


** Bidders > Manage Bidders > Bidder Record it says:  "This Bidder can receive push notifications?” Yes or no. If it is set to Yes in the admin that sets the account-wide permission, but until the bidder allows it at the browser level, they will not receive Push Notifications. 


For the bidder, if they would like to see their message history over the last 24-hours, on the bidding site, clicking on the MENU> Bell Icon.