Welcome Email: 

The welcome email can be found under Software Settings > Auction Settings > Bidder Settings.

This email is automatically sent out to each donor that registers for a bidder number from the landing page. This email has a default message that includes the bidder number and also a customized URL that will take them to the bidding site. 

Where can I customize the welcome email:                                    Sample default welcome email:

NOTE: If you do not have any live or silent items added within the admin, the welcome email will not include the bidder's bidder number. 

This email can be customized with further information. The default message will always be included even with a customized message. 

**Shortcodes cannot be used when customizing this welcome email.

If you would like to send out any further messaging with our shortcodes, go to Bidders > Text/Email Bidders. This feature is included with our Mass Messaging add-on for purchase under Software Settings > Account Status.  


"Welcome to the 2021 *ORG NAME* *EVENT NAME* Silent Auction! Thank you for signing up to bid and participate! All bidding will take place through your smartphone. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance. You will be notified if you're outbid on an item. Bidding will start at *DATE* and end on *DATE*. We have provided your personalized bidding URL and bidding number for your reference. Happy Bidding!" 

"Thank you so much for registering to bid for the *EVENT NAME*! You will receive notifications when new event details are shared, auction previews are posted, and when the event opens. Thank you for supporting *ORG NAME*" 

"Dear Bidder, Thank you so much for registering for the 2021 *ORG NAME * EVENT NAME* virtual silent auction. The auction will open on *DATE and close * DATE. Thank you for your participation." 

"Thank you for registering for the *EVENT NAME* benefiting *ORG NAME*. The hybrid event will take place on *DATE* Auction items will be available for bidding prior to the event on *DATE*. Please watch your emails for updates near the event. We have provided your personal access link below. Please do not share." 

"Thank you for registering as a bidder in *ORG NAME's *EVENT NAME! Bidding will open on DATE. A link will be sent to you when bidding opens. Please make sure to add your mobile number to your account so you can receive text updates about the auction. If you experience any issues, please call at *NUMBER or email at *EMAIL. Auction item pickup can be arranged at our locations. Our live stream will take place on DATE. Your support of this event is critical to our daily operations throughout the coming year. With gratitude, *ORG NAME." 

"CONGRATULATIONS! You've registered to bid in our silent auction. This does not give you a ticket to attend the event, but it does allow you to bid on items in the silent auction. Thanks for participating and helping us raise money to support *CAUSE*. Bid high and bid often! Good luck. Need help? Call or text *NUMBER. Your personal bidding link is below! Thank you for your support."