Welcome to our TravelPledge Best Practice! 

We have partnered with TravelPledge to connect you with generous providers of vacations, golf, lessons, cruises, and bucket list experiences that your donors will love!

Connect to TravelPledge

  • To get started, go to your Home page on your admin, find the section named "Supercharge Your Auction Results" this will bring you to BidKit. Connect to BidKit is used to connect your admin and TravelPledge together. (You can also go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit > TravelPledge to get connected.)
  • BidKit will ask you to locate your Travelpledge account, if you do not have an account with TravelPledge you can create one right from this page.
  • Once your account is created you will see a link to TravelPledge with a temporary password. Copy your temporary password and use it when you click the link to log in. Once logged in you can reset your password.

Find awesome items to spice up your auction!

  • Once you have signed into TravelPledge click on "Select Some Experiences", find a package that you want to have in your auction, click "Add to Auction".
  • When you have all your auction items selected scroll to the top of the page, click "Selected for my Auction" a new button appears that says "Sync", click and all of your selected items will transfer to your admin.
  • If for some reason you decide you do not want to have a TravelPledge item in your auction you can delete it, however, the image that was used for the item number created will remain in your admin. TravelPledge will remove these images within a business day, if you want to remove them yourself go to Items > Manage Item Images and delete them.
  • Note: If you have previously used TravelPledge on an old event, your account needs to be reconnected to the admin. Use the link to reconnect:

Make last-minute edits

  • Go back to your admin account, navigate to Items > Manage Items. You will notice that all of the items you selected in TravelPledge appear here. They are automatically set to Invisible so bidders cannot see them until you activate them.
  • Your new items' Start, Raise, and Fair Market Value fields have been filled out for you. If the FMV of the TravelPledge item is not set, we will set it to 0 (this will display as Priceless when FMV is displayed on the bidding site). Make sure to change the closing time of these items to the same closing time as the rest of your items.
  • It's important to note that you cannot make changes to the description, exceptions, start, raise, FMV, name, number, or image of this item. It is set up through TravelPledge to include the appropriate images and information.

Sell your items!

  • If you have an item from TravelPledge that does not sell, you will not be charged.
  • When the auction is over, at 11:59 PM on the event closing date, the sold item sales data is sent to TravelPledge, and an invoice for the organization is created. 
  • It is recommended that you collect payment from the winning bidders before the organization pays the TravelPledge invoice for sold items. This is to ensure the bidder is held accountable for the item and the organization does not have to track down payment after the event. 
  • The organization will receive an email from TravelPledge asking to release the item certificates to the winners, follow the email instructions on how to do so. The organization must pay the TravelPledge invoice before the items are released to the bidders. 

The email you receive from TravelPledge should read:

We have automatically marked your auction items as sold and have provided your TravelPledge invoice link below. Any item(s) that were unbid have been marked as unsold and you will not be billed. To view and manage your invoice, please log into your TravelPledge account.


  • What happens if I purchase a certificate through TravelPledge and due to COVID the item is no longer available or has been canceled? 
  1. We (or the winning bidder) contacts the experience provider who posted the certificate to TravelPledge to ask about extending the expiration date. Our partner providers have been very generous during COVID about extending the dates until it is safe to travel. 
  2. If there is an issue that can't be resolved with #1 (e.g., a provider goes out of business), TravelPledge will step in to discuss replacing the certificate with a comparable alternative. 
  3. If #2 cannot be achieved, a refund may be issued; though this is very rare and certificates should, by and large, be considered nonrefundable. 

  • Once you have your TravelPledge items in the admin, DO NOT ARCHIVE YOUR ITEMS IN THE ADMIN. This breaks the connection from TravelPledge and is unable to get those items back in your admin without the help of TravelPledge. TravelPledge needs to re-set those items that have been archived and then resync them to your event in the admin. You can contact TravelPledge's customer service on this issue.
  • Once an event in the admin TravelPledge is over and the organization does a second chance auction the TravelPledge items are no longer available for that 2nd chance auction. The event date is not able to be updated on the Travelpledge side once the items close for the main event. They would need to create a second event in TravelPledge and select the items again.

  • TravelPledge is not available for Canadian Clients. 

  • TravelPledge does not allow event dates more than 6 months out. If the event date changes to more than 6 months out, the date will be updated in TravelPledge but they won’t be able to select TravelPledge items for that event until it is less than 6 months away

  • Selling 2 of the same items is not automatically available. Please reach out to TravelPledge's customer service to see if they can allow this through your TravelPledge Account.

*NOTE FOR TRAVELPLEDGE USERS & ARCHIVING: TravelPledge items that have not had sales data sent, will not be archived. To check to make sure your TravelPledge Items sales data has been sent go to Software Settings> Connect to BidKit > locate the TravelPledge tab and click the drop-down arrow> Click Auction Items> and where it says Sale Sent to TravelPledge if it says No, do not archive yet. 

TravelPledge contact information: 

PHONE: 877-227-5699


ONLINE HELP CENTER: Click the link below to access the online help center.