Download the PDF attached below to print out instructions on how to Batch Process Credit Cards after your event. 

1. After your event is over and you are ready to process credit cards, turn off the setting for bidders to check out from their phones, which could cause a duplicate charge. 

    a. Software Settings > Auction Settings > Payment > Guests can checkout from phone > NO

2. Then, go to Event Central > Event Payments > Unpaid Checkouts

3. Simply select the bidder you want to checkout or select all bidders. You can use the checkbox at the top to select all bidders. 

4. Make sure ‘Batch Process As:’ is set to Credit Card. This can be found in the top left corner under Unpaid Checkouts. 

5. Press the blue ‘Batch Process’ button. This will charge the cards on file and send an emailed receipt to the bidder. a. NOTE: This can take up to 10 mins to charge all bidder’s cards. 

6. If a bidder remains in the Unpaid Checkouts tab after 10 mins, this means the card on file was declined. You will have to reach out to the bidder to update their payment method.